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Southern Drinking Club's Drink of the Day - Old Fashion

Jeremy Jordan

Posted on October 12 2017

Old Fashion Recipe


Here is a drink that will never go out of style!  The Old Fashion is what I use to measure a good bartender.  Also a fantastic go to drink to order when the bar keep asks what ya having and you haven't got time to think about it.  It's a simple and straightforward whiskey drink that looks good in your hand and tastes even better.



Sugar Cube

Angostura Orange Bitters

Club Soda

Rye Whiskey



Place a sugar cube in glass

Add 2-3 Dashes of Bitters

Splash of Soda

Muddle the sugar

Pour in the 2 ounces whiskey

Garnish with an orange peel

Toast to Good Times with Good Friends and enjoy!





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