- What is the Southern Drinking Club Guarantee? 

  Bottom line we want you to be happy with your order from Southern Drinking Club.  We take pride in creating high quality items, that we use and share with our friends and family.  

  So if you receive an item that doesn't meet this standard, we want to know.  We want to make sure you are happy.  Contact us so we can arrange a shipping label sent to you so you can return the item.  From there we can resend it new, or refund you.  That's it, not gonna cost you a dime to return.  Simple.


- How do I Join the Club, What does it Cost?

$0 Dollars, you don't even have to purchase anything from us(be cooler if you did though!)  Chances are you are already a member and didn't know it.  If you have ever hung out with your friends sharing some drinks at a dock, campfire, patio, around the kitchen, in the mancave, on a boat, a race track, tailgating, crawfish boil, the beach, in the woods, in a pasture, the driveway, a brewery, a winery, poolside, or really anywhere else in the South.  In this case you are a member!  In fact, we will even send you a membership card if you want, just apply here!


 - When does the Club meet?

It's a meeting anytime two or more members are together having a good time!


- How long does it take to ship.

  We do our best to ship out orders within 48 hours M-F.  However sometimes it may take a bit longer, and in that case we will be sure to contact you and let you know.  Shipping is through the good ole USPS in most cases.


- Do you ship outside of the US?

At this time we do not take international orders.  We will however ship north of the Mason Dixon Line.


-  Do you do custom etching on the Tumblers/Bottle Openers?  

There are some cases that we will do this depending on the product and quantity.  If you are interested please send us a note at [email protected]



-  Did I see you guys at that Cook Off or Beer Festival? 

There is a good chance of that.  We are big fans of outdoor events with good people having good times!  Do you have an event that you think could use some Southern Drinking Club style and fun?  If so please email us the details and we will see what we can do, [email protected]

Brian and Jeremy repping Southern Drinking Club in Galveston

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