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Customer Reviews for the Southern Drinking Club

We work hard designing and making our drinking gear, and always want you to enjoy it as much as we do.  Here is what our Club Members think of us!

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So comfy and cute

Amazing customer service, great product

A distinguished tumbler!

I ordered these for myself and several friends and they exceeded my expectations, very nice quality! Everyone loved them. I'll order again!

Why thank you. I hope that ya'll put those drink tumblers to work!! Your a good friend, as great as our cups are they are even better when shared!

Wooden Bottle Opener - Credit Card Size

Appreciate it Dylan, may it open many a cold beer for you!
Super products

Jason thanks for the personal service and quick delivery. Looking forward to working with you again soon.

Rhum Room St Barth


Sent to my beer loving friend in Michigan and he loves it. Nice quality and small enough for your pocket.

Now you are a good friend, he now has the coolest bottle opener in the whole state!
They’re amazing!

These are my favorite display pieces in my whiskey collection for sure, and I pull them out anytime I’m having a friend over for a flight - this is what every whiskey lover needs in their collection and it makes an amazing gift for someone who is hard to buy for - very unique!!! This company is very kind too - they helped out with a charity bourbon auction - I think we should support businesses that care about the causes around us. I am a Southern Drinking Club member for life!!

Ankur, I am so pumped that you love your flight tray! Also we were happy to help out with your charity Enduring Hearts. That is some noble work you are doing. If you are in the Atlanta area and are looking for a great cause to support, please check out http://www.enduringhearts.org
A terrific accompaniment for bourbon

This beautiful handmade product really enhances my enjoyment of my bourbons. It's carved out of an actual bourbon barrel, and is designed to perfectly fit 3 Glencairn glasses. Highly recommended for any bourbon lover!

Hey Peter, Wow! I’m so blown away by your review. It made our day here at the Southern Drinking Club.” When we started making our drinking gear, the goal was to craft something so cool that it up's the experience and enjoyment. It means a lot when someone that enjoys a good bourbon such as yourself says this. If you ever make it down to Houston, I would be proud to show you our workshop and maybe a distillery or brewery!
Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound Shirt

I don't know which I like better - the design or the message! Fantastic shirt!

Thank you so much Peter, we have decided to make you VP of Whiskey, Northern Chapter! Your Membership Card is on it's way!
Husband loved it as a Christmas gift

I ordered a custom bottle opener as a Christmas gift for my husband and he really loves it! The magnets are strong - it doesn't move while on the door of the fridge and the caps don't fall on the floor. The wood is beautiful and its overall really well made. I'm also super thrilled that I don't have to constantly find beer caps scatters around on the kitchen counters. I think he’s going to end up giving these as gifts for friends.

Thank you so much, it is really something special to us to be apart of your holiday gift giving. Also glad to help keep a husband out of trouble any way we can!
Magnetic Bottle Opener

I have had one of these for years and love it! Bought one for my brother in law for Christmas this past year and he's been trying the wear it out since. These things really do work. I have had a pile of caps on the board and it always catches them. Super strong magnets also hold it on your fridge and prevent it from moving around. NOT made in China junk. Made in Houston, Texas and you can def see the quality. Highly recommend these.

You must have a cool brother in law to get him one of these, I hope he shares his good beer with you. We are proud to make these in Houston, if you ever want a shop tour let us know!
Bottle Cap & Beer Bottle Shirt

Awesome design, my favorite beer drinking shirt!

Cheers to that!
Y'all are awesome

Great customer service!!

Texas Proud!

I received my Texas shaped bottle opener (with a little extra gift, THANK YOU!) in record fast time! My bottle opener is the perfect size for slipping in the pocket for whenever you need it. This will be a wonderful stocking stuffer! Great casting and design too. Thank you Southern Drinking Club this little jewel is brilliant!

River Revival Bottle Opener

River Revival Bottle Opener

Houston Tough

The shirt was perfect for Hurricane Harvey relief and then the World Series too!

Couldn't agree more and in fact I wore my Hang in There Houston Hat to a few games and we won all of them!
Hang in there Houston tee shirt.

It is a nice shirt. The fabric is also very nice. It arrived in a timely matter. Thank you for making them.

It was good

The shirts were good. I like the shirts. They got good and looked good. They were good

Well Good!
Shirt Logo Messed Up In Wash

I love my Hang In There Houston shirt. However, the logo on the front cracked and faded after one wash. A bit disappointing quality in the material for the logo, but the fabric is good and the artwork is great.

Email me at [email protected]

Hang in There Houston - T Shirts


Loved it. Got a million compliments

Thanks Erin, it meant so much to us to be able to write that check for charity. We couldn't have done it without your support!
So proud of Houston

Y'all raised $17,000 worth of these T-shirt’s, way to go Houston and all the others that bought a shirt to give people here a helping hand.

Looks amazing!

Lookin great! Love the detailed description of the boards. Can I take it and put it on our website? Lol

Dad Tested, Mother Approved

I got this as a gift for my dad for Father's Day and he loved it! He hung it on the fridge in the basement. It's magnetic, so no need to nail into the wall (Mom liked that!) a win-win!

Thanks Michelle, sounds like your daddy raised you right!

have not been able to use it yet

Smooth, easy transaction super

Smooth, easy transaction super fast shipping. Thank you!!


Great hat, looks awesome and fits perfect! Could do without the logo on the back.

Thanks Cory, we will look into removing or changing that logo on the back!
The shirt is snug.

I have yet to use my tumblr cup but my shirt has been used several times. The material feels great and doesn't shrink like most shirts in the dryer.

Perfect Fit

From the moment I placed the hat upon my slightly oversized melon I had a sense that something great would come of it….. It was delivered on a Tuesday and when I received the package I placed it on the counter in the kitchen, as we usually do most packages that have been shipped to our home. Later that evening I lit a few candles and sat down to unbox my knew headwear. As I opened it I was reminded of the scene from “Pulp Fiction” when Vincent took a look inside and replied with “Ya, we happy”. I could not contain myself, this hat had to rest itself upon my head immediately and as I slid the soft flex fit goodness upon my coconut I knew it was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. You see, this hat did not fit like any other hat, it was as if it was made specifically for me. When I was standing on the bow of a ship sailing through the water and I imagined I was Rose and my brand new Southern Drinking Club hat was my Jack, it never once even slightly lifted from its comfortable perch atop my head. My Southern Drinking Club hat and I have been through countless adventures together and I expect a lifetime more. I will love this hat for eternity and if it could talk it would tell me the same, or that I was a complete lunatic for comparing it to Jack….

Amazing Cups!

I bought these cups for my adult children for Christmas. When they arrived, I was amazed at the dazzling colors. They are absolutely beautiful! Brilliant colors! And my boys were fighting over the matte black. The quality is unsurpassed. I will definitely buy again as gifts. And very soon for myself.


I ordered several tumblers for Christmas presents and my online order was immediately acknowledged and I received them within a few days. I'm extremely happy with my order and I look forward to using my new tumbler.

Shower Safe!!

For years I have tried having a nice cold beer in the shower, you know, to save time in the morning. And for years, it never fails, just as I am really getting into the shower, singing my favorite Milli Vanilli hit, soap gets on my hand and I lose my grip on the bottle. It inevitably shatters once it hits the hard tile on the shower floor and at my feet I would have a literal mine field of broken glass. So, after many early morning trips to the E.R. to have shards of glass removed from feet as well as, one time, a few from the most unsavory of places, I decided to invest in the ingenious Bottle Armor. I am happy to report that since my purchase, I have had zero BSA's (Bottle Slippage Accidents). So, if your in the market for something to keep your beer ice cold and protected, even while in the shower, I highly recommend this product.

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