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Customer Reviews for the Southern Drinking Club

We work hard designing and making our drinking gear, and always want you to enjoy it as much as we do.  Here is what our Club Members think of us!

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Whisky Flight Serving Tray

This piece is rustic and beautiful. The workmanship is spot-on the the board/tray looks great on my bourbon bar.

Tequila & Tacos 2024 Hat
Squirrel Haggard
Great Product!

We love Jeremy and Southern Drinking Club! Their product is of great quality and make awesome gifts and are fun to use!

Great service

I accidentally ordered the wrong size shirt. Customer service folks were so kind and sent a new shirt with a return envelope and sticker for the wrong one. Great quality shirt! Great service!

It's not like I have never made the same mistake! I just want to treat others the same way I would like to be treated! A bit of Southern Hospitality goes a long way.

My husband has the original Whiskey/Beer shirt and has been wearing it since 2020 and it still looks great, but I wanted him to have an updated one for 2024! It looks and feels great and he was excited for a current shirt! Fast shipping, great customer service! Highly recommend!

Hats & T-Shirts

Very happy with our hats and T-shirts!

Great Shirt

Fit great and was extremely comfortable.

Quality product, Great customer service

I previously left a review commenting that the quality of the beer flight board was great, solid wood construction but that I was disappointed that we received a maple top unlike the mahogany top shown in the pictures. The maple top is also nice, just not what I was expecting and a matter of personal preference. I was contacted immediately and sent a new flight board with the preferred mahogany top and a return shipping label provided for a "trade." Thank you for the excellent customer service, and we are still very pleased with the quality construction of the flight board and glasses.

Thank you for recognizing the quality construction! I can appreciate that you like the Mahogany top better. Personally I really like the maple top. So how about I trade you a mahogany top tray for that maple?

Great Lake Hat

This is the perfect hat for hanging out by the pool or the lake - I've only had it a couple weeks and have already gotten compliments on it!

Whiskey Flight Board
Chris Blaylock

They looked amazing and so far have exceptional quality. Thanks!

America's Drinking Shirt - Bottle Cap's & Beer Bottles

Big Teal
Daniel Hegg
5 Big Flap Jack Stacks

You 2 types of have hats. The ones sitting on the top shelf of your closet collecting dust and the ones you wear on the town, in the house, while you sleep, to the grave.

This Southern Drinking Club hat is the 2nd.

Absolutely love this hat and this brand.

I also have the Happy Hour - Snapback Hat and if I could wear both at the same time I would. Wait. I just might.


Top notch product from the great state of Texas!!

Bourban Hound cap

Nice cap, shipping was fast, PO detoured it, but it made it on Christmas Eve.

Well I am so glad that sweet rope hat made it in time even if it took the scenic route. Happy Bourbon hunting!

Perfect Christmas present!

Great editing on my design. Extremely fast communication, production, and shipping!

Perfect gift!

This was the best gift for a bourbon lover. The glasses are the perfect tasting size and the actual board itself really brought personality to the gift. Love that is was from Buffalo Trace.

Flight Board w/ glasses

Wanted a four glass stave. Got a four glass barrel end/top. Wanted the char but not it’s not in the barrel top. It’s ok, looks great and serves the purpose. Thanks

Howdy Scott,

First off I am sorry to see you are disappointed. The only 4 hole flight we sell is the one made from the Barrel Head. The Barrel Stave flight is only sold in a 3 glass setup. I am not sure where the confusion came from, they are two separate items.
Tell you what, if you would like, I can build a 4 glass flight out of a barrel stave and trade you for the one you ordered. Let me know if you are interested in that.

Great shirt

Fits great, feels great and looks amazing! Got a ton of compliments on this over the holidays.

Awesome hat!

This hat is super comfortable and it looks great! Thanks, Jeremy!

Great Products

Cannot express the quality and how awesome these products are enough. I get compliments all the time.

Drink stuff

All the stuff I got (from you) was great. Nothing was broken or damaged when I got it .My wife loved her flask.I only have one thing why can’t men get flasks with there name on it (the flask) ?

K.C. we are so glad you love your new drinking gear. Also we hear you, and now have our Customized Flasks for guys back in stock. Welcome to the Club!

Whiskey flight serving tray

Awesome trays!! Very unique! Need to order another one.

Great hat

The material of this hat makes it perfect for those long hot summer days. It's light and dry's quickly if it gets wet. It's almost like wearing a fishing shirt on your head.


Was a great hat. Looked great. Fit great. Got great compliments. But it was stolen from me the first day I wore it and now I’m sad.

What the hell? They could of easily ordered one and not chanced facing your wrath!
Check your email, we are sending you a code to replace that one.

Very happy with this

I make YouTube videos where I sit outside telling stories while smoking and drinking. This solves two of my problems.

Just as described!

I bought this set to give to my husband for our “crystal” anniversary. It arrived well packaged with each piece packaged individually and just as it looks in the photos. Hubby was very pleased with it too!

Congratulations on your anniversary! I am so glad to hear that he loves it and it sounds like it will get plenty of use. We take a lot of care with the packaging as we have seen the postman relive their glory days of peewee football and launch packages like footballs.

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