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Magnetic Bottle Openers

Magnetic Bottle Openers

Here are some bottle openers that that will be the center of conversation around the fridge.  Open your beer bottle on the polished bottle opener and watch the bottle cap catch on the beautiful wood surface.  An ultra strong rare earth magnet will hold over 30 bottle caps while two smaller magnets hold it in place when attached to any metal surface.  It's 10"x4" size fits in nicely if it's in your man cave or on the kitchen fridge.  

  The Cap ‘n’ Catch bottle opener is easy to put in place: To wall mount it the wood bottle opener, just slide the vertical slot on the back over a screw in the wall.  To attach it to fridge, just stick it on it—the magnets will do the rest!

  These magnetic bottle openers are made in Houston, Texas.  We show our pride in our wood working skills that have been passed down to us.  Also we use the most best lumber we can find, so these openers are as beautiful as they are useful.    

  Due to the unique nature of real wood, your bottle opener may not look exactly like the one pictured. These differences are part of what makes each Cap n' Catch one of a kind.


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