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Jeremy Jordan

Posted on March 25 2017

The Buzz Blog from Southern Drinking Club

Welcome to the Buzz


Welcome to the Buzz, the official Southern Drinking ~ Club (SDC) online information portal that will highlight club culture while also serving to entertain, educate and inform. This is where you will find the latest southern-focused drinking-related news, interesting Southern-based drinking history and trivia, cool event announcements, unique drink recipes, and information relating to Southern Drinking Club gear and apparel.


Being Southern, we love a good story, so this online information portal—Right. It’s just a blog—will also serve as an outlet where club members can relate their most noteworthy drinking-related adventures. Think about it. Among all those numerous fond memories you might have about just hanging out enjoying a drink or three with friends, every once in a while those two or three drinks turned into more, which then inevitably led to one adventure or another—you know, like a junior (or perhaps not-so junior) version of The Hangover.


And it’s not like such stories have to be super crazy, or crazy at all, for that matter. They just have to amuse, entertain or serve to highlight Southern drinking culture. Being Southern, though, we are gentlemen (and ladies), and therefore will not accept any stories that disparage or otherwise insult marginalized folks. Or to put it another way, we don’t want to see any stories that are downright mean spirited. Good natured ribbing and/or insults for the sake of humor are fine provided the “target(s)” can laugh about it, too. You know, like that Yankee friend of yours who woke up duct taped to the Alpha Phi sorority front porch floor after a hard night’s drinking with you and your buddies.        


Speaking of Yankees—not to mention those folks out West—the Southern Drinking ~ Club does not discriminate with regard to national origin (or anything else). All are welcome, and we just assume that those non-native Southern members have an affinity for the South and its drinking culture. Hell, we haven’t met a Yankee yet who’s visited our fair land and not fallen in love with it.


On a related note, there are some folks and organizations who will undoubtedly take issue with our apparent glorification of alcoholic beverages. We do not purposely set out to antagonize them—like SDC Affiliate Member #12* did back in college when he would occasionally sport his DAMM (Drunks Against Madd Mothers) T-shirt—but we will call them out if they do anything especially moronic, as can happen when activists get a bit too earnest about their particular cause.     


But we digress, all of the above to say that if you’re going to share a drinking story with us, please make sure that it contains at least some element or flavor of the South and/or its culture. To give you just one idea for what we might be looking for in a potential SDC story please turn to our [insert date here] blog Sign, Sign Everywhere a Sign…., by SDC Affiliate Member #11.


To share a story, just click the Contact Us button and copy and paste it into the “Message” box. Make sure that you include your contact details as we may have a question or two about the story. Oh, and Southern Drinking ~ Club reserves the right to edit (not to mention “reject”) any such submissions for reasons of clarity, brevity or just plain old common sense.   



M.J. Moye

Member #25

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