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Bottle Guard - Metal Bottle Koozie

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Bottle Guard Metal Koozie

Think back to the last time you reached for your beer on a hot summer day, took a gulp, and it was….warm. How disappointing is that? Warm beer will never happen again with the Southern Drinking Club Beer Bottle Guard.


Made of stainless steel with a neoprene lining, our bottle guard is like a portable refrigerator for your beer. Simply unscrew the bottom to slide your bottle inside and it will stay cold all day, wherever you go (yes, even the shower!). Plus this metal koozie protects your bottle from shattering when things get rowdy. Not to mention when using this Beer Bottle Holder, no one knows whats inside this stainless steel bottle.   A bottle opener is included to pop that top.


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Don't know yet. It appears to be well made, but I have not a chance to determine its temperature retention capability


have not been able to use it yet

Shower Safe!!

For years I have tried having a nice cold beer in the shower, you know, to save time in the morning. And for years, it never fails, just as I am really getting into the shower, singing my favorite Milli Vanilli hit, soap gets on my hand and I lose my grip on the bottle. It inevitably shatters once it hits the hard tile on the shower floor and at my feet I would have a literal mine field of broken glass. So, after many early morning trips to the E.R. to have shards of glass removed from feet as well as, one time, a few from the most unsavory of places, I decided to invest in the ingenious Bottle Armor. I am happy to report that since my purchase, I have had zero BSA's (Bottle Slippage Accidents). So, if your in the market for something to keep your beer ice cold and protected, even while in the shower, I highly recommend this product.

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