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Whiskey Flight Board



Enjoy the Depth of the Distiller’s Art in Style!

These Whiskey Flight Boards are crafted from reclaimed Whiskey or Bourbon barrels. The barrel staves are made out of the traditional White Oak which all Bourbon barrels are made of. These Barrel Stave Whiskey Flights perfectly go from the Rick House to Your House.


Hand Crafted in Houston, Texas

​We lightly sand these staves so that they retain the character they have developed through years of use. The top portion of the flight board is actually the inside of the barrel, and still retains the char it was given when it was originally made. Two feet made of smaller staves are attached to the base to allow you to easily grasp and lift the barrel stave flight tray. They are finished with a durable organic oil/wax coat that will stand up to use and abuse while keeping the appearance close to the original condition of the barrel stave.  Each flight tray set will have a slightly unique look due to the nature of reclaimed material.

Made from Reclaimed Bourbon Barrels

Our first Whisky Flight Trays were made from Woodford Reserve Bourbon Barrels filled August 7, 2008. After that, they were used by Saint Arnold Brewing of Houston for their Divine Reserve #15.   Since then we have used many different whiskey and bourbon barrels from other distilleries and breweries. We use whichever barrels we have on hand and are unable to take requests on which barrel each flight tray will be made from. 

Whiskey Tasting Glasses

When selecting "Glasses Included" your Flight Tray will include "3" Glencairn Crystal Whiskey Glasses. These tasting glasses were designed in Scotland by master distillers as the best way to enjoy a good whiskey. The narrow mouth of the glass encourages the "nose" of the whiskey to come through clearly, allowing you to pick out the different smells high-quality whiskey and bourbons will have. The wide bowl of the glass displays the color in an easy way to judge. This is truly the whiskey enthusiast glass of choice!  This is the best way to gift this Whiskey Flight Board for the special whiskey drinker in your life!

Looking for a Four Glass Flight Tray?

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Paul Bishop
Worth the wait.

So glad you’re back in business. It was worth the wait for the perfect whiskey flight board.

Ohhhhh it feels so good to be back! Thanks for waiting!

Walter Worth

Whiskey Flight Board

Michael Stefanowicz
No shipment receives

Still have not received my shipment nearly 6 weeks after my order?

Elwood Hackney

Hey Jimmy
I like the design of the flight tray but did not like how the top looks like the black color was painted on. In my opinion it looks to glossy and doesn't fit the theme of a rustic repurposed whiskey barrel. We are going to keep it but wouldn't purchase again.
Merry Christmas

Howdy Elwood,
We reached out to you to replace the board with one that has a bit less finish on it. Shoot us an email and we can make that happen.

Donna Stevenson
Birthday Gift

I purchased the flight set for my son's birthday. He started collecting bourbon recently. He absolutely loved the set!

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