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Textured Matte Black
Mirror Red

  Being from the South carries a sense of pride, and double that if your lucky enough to be from Texas!  So with that pride we created a bottle opener you'd be proud to crack open your favorite beer with.

  Starting with a sheet of 11 gauge rolled steel, we used a laser to cut the Lone Star States shape.  The opening portion was milled down by hand.  Instead of simply painting them, we went ahead and powder coated them so they would be extra durable and have unique colors and textures.  

  What that gives you is a 2.75" x 2.75" sized opener that is beefier than most and has a slight heft to it.  

They are offered your choice of:


    Textured Matte Black, that has a feel to like a truck bed liner.


     Mirror Red, which is a bright red that is smooth to the touch.

  This is the perfect gift for that Texan in your life, but go ahead and get two, so you can keep one!   They have been shop tested opening a lot of Saint Arnold's beers!  Rumor has it that this bottle opener can also open bottles other than beer, such as a Topo Chico.  As with most of our bottle openers, they are proudly made in Texas.

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