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Whiskey Set

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Elevate your Whiskey Drinking Experience with our Whiskey Set. 

Whether you are looking for a great way to enjoy your favorite Bourbon or are in need of the perfect gift for a whiskey lover, this Whiskey Tasting Kit is for you!  Being Whiskey lovers ourselves, we knew just how to create a Whiskey Gift Set that will be treasured for years.

Whiskey Tasting Set Includes-

  •  Pine Gift Box
  •  Reclaimed Whiskey Barrel Flight Board
  •  Set of three Glencairn Whiskey Glasses
  •  Whiskey Stones
  •  Water Eye Dropper
  •  Whiskey Drinking Journal


 "This whiskey tasting kit is a great gift idea for the whiskey lover in your life. "

Bobby Childs - Adventures in Whiskey


The heart of this Whiskey Gift Set is the Reclaimed Bourbon Barrel Stave Flight Tray.  We take a retired whiskey barrel and handcraft it into a beautiful flight board that looks like it did in the distillery's Rick house.  On top of tray three recessed bowls that hold the tasting glasses are carved through the barrel's black char it was given at the Cooperage.   Looking at the side of the tray, you can see where the whisky seeped into the wood after years of aging.  To retain it's original look it is given a light rub of a natural oil that seals and protects it for years to come.   

To get the absolute best out of your Whiskey, Bourbon or Scotch, we selected Glencairn whisky glasses.  Their unique shape was designed  by master distillers to concentrate the aroma, letting the drinker truly experience the dram in the best way possible.

At times we prefer our whiskey to be chilled, so included is a set of nine Whiskey Stones that come in their own carrying case.  By placing these soapstone cubes in the freezer, you can then add them to your glass where it will chill the spirit without diluting it or effecting its taste.  However there are times when we might want to dilute a cask strength bourbon or scotch.  For this you will find a glass eye dropper and small bottle.  This allows you to add a drop or two of spring water at a time to help open up the spirit's aroma and taste.

To round out our Whiskey Set, we added a Whiskey Journal to help guide and educate you through the various characteristics of a good whisky.  Record your tasting notes on the 100% recycled pages of this notebook, so that you can follow your journey from Whiskey Novice to Whiskey Connoisseur.

All of this is placed inside a handmade Pine Gift Box to safely store your Whiskey Tasting Kit. The sliding top is emblazoned with the Southern Drinking Club logo, and with compartments for each component of this set.

  It makes a perfect Father's Day, Graduation, Groomsmen, or Birthday Gift for the Whiskey Novice or Connoisseur.

Handcrafted in the South by whiskey lovers for whiskey lovers.

We want you happy!


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Barry Klein
Great Birthday Gift

I got this set for a buddy’s birthday - it came out great, and he loves it ! Very cool set !

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