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Christmas Trees in the Spirit of the Southern Drinking Club

Jeremy Jordan

Posted on December 12 2017

   grolsch beer Christmas Tree


Grolsch Tree

Here is a sweet tree made from those iconic Grolsch flip top bottles.  Even the color is perfect for a tree.  You know that those bottle are very popular among the home brew crowd, so they won't be going to waste after the fat man visits.


JD Barrel Tree

Jack Daniels

You have any idea how much whiskey that was?  Well each barrel is roughly 265 bottles of Old Number 7.  How many bottles do you think came out of this tree? 


Aussie Man's Christmas Tree


Christmas in Australia

This Aussie definitely got into the Christmas Spirit making this tree. Wonder why it's made out of Victoria Bitter and not Fosters?  Well that's because no one from the land down under drinks that crap!  Wearing flip flops during Christmas just like in Texas, someone get this man his honorary Southern Drinking Club Membership Card!


Wine Bottle Christmas Tree


Vino Tree

Here is the ultimate wine lovers tree!  I have no idea how many bottles of wine were used.  What do you bet they did something cool with all of those corks too?



Cool Drinking Christmas Tree 


Whiskey Bent for Christmas

You know the person that made this tree will also put some bad ass gifts under it.  Maybe a bottle of Pappy?  Who know's but I wish they drew my name for the secret Santa.  The lights were a nice touch!


Garrison Brothers


Garrisons Brothers

This one really has a special place in my heart seeing as I have visited the Garrisons Brothers  Distillery.  If you are ever in the hill country of Texas west of Austin and North of San Antonio you will find this place tucked away.  In fact after parking at the main gate you have to take a "hay ride" out to the farmhouses where the magic happens!

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