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Southern Drinking Club's Drink of the Day - Hot Toddy

Jeremy Jordan

Posted on January 05 2018

Oh my I can't remember last time it was this cold in the South!  People in Texas actually got to wear their favorite sweater and scarf because they needed it, not just for fun.  Sadly this kind of weather also brings all sorts of cold's and sniffles.  However don't worry, we have the remedy for you, the Hot Toddy.


Bourbon Hot Toddy


Easy and quick to make, it feels great on a sour throat and tastes great.  This drink has been around centuries and has gone through several transitions.  The one that we prefer is thought to have originated from Scottland.


When it comes time to grab the bourbon, no need to reach up to the top shelf and grab your bottle of pappy.  Pretty much any old bourbon(or whiskey) will work. Of course there is a Hot Toddy glass, but feel free to use your favorite coffee mug.

2 oz Bourbon
.3 oz of Water
1/2 Lemon 
1 Tpsb Honey
Add Bourbon and Water
Juice from Lemon
Pour in Honey
Mix together
Warm the drink and serve

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