Hurricane Harvey - Houston

Jeremy Jordan

Posted on August 27 2017

 Flooded interstate 45 before Downtown Houston

First off I want to thank the first responders of Texas that leave their family and head out into danger to help those in need!  Thank God my family and I are safe and dry.

  So after a sleepless night in the hardest rain I have ever seen,  I was curious as to what it looked liked by my house.   Grabbed my jacket for the light rain that was coming down a down and walked east on North St to the I45 over pass.  Here is what I found.  Remember this is a 12 lane road!


I45 North Bound

Flooded interstate 45 into Houston

South Bound I45 about 1 mile from Downtown




Southern Drinking Club Hurricane Survival Cup

Wonder what's in the Cup?


After seeing that I walked south of my house to see what the White Bayou was "up" to.  Would of been surprised if I just hadn't seen the new river running through Houston. 

Houston Ave

Woodland Park on Houston Ave


The White Oak Bayou

This is approximately 1/2 Mile north of White Oak Bayou St on Houston


 So it doesn't look like I am headed anywhere anytime soon.  Everyone that has ordered some drinking gear or shirts will be getting an email with updated shipping times, but I can guarantee you it will be delayed!  Now it's time to get back to my Hurricane Party!




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