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13 Places You Can (Legally) Drink in Public

Jeremy Jordan

Posted on March 20 2018

13 Places You Can(LEGALLY) Drink in Pulbic


  Imagine the freedom of drinking and roaming the streets with an ice-cold beer in your hand, instead of being shackled to the property limits of a bar because you were not allowed to take your drink outside. Sometimes, you just want to see where the night takes you, and the night will not always wait for you to finish your drink before moving on. The magic question is: can you drink beer in public? Can you drink in public in general?

  The answer is yes, but don’t start pulling your beer out of its paper bag quite yet. You’d be surprised by the number of places in the US that you can drink in public, but it is safe to know for sure beforehand, so you don’t have any unfortunate encounters with local authorities.

  There is some drinking gear that is made to help you low key drink in public, such as a paper bag to conceal your drink (classic, but risky) and the beer belly/beer rack (an innovative gadget designed to conceal beer within your clothing).

  Instead of trying to conceal your drinking within a clever but slightly inconvenient drinking gear, consider visiting an area where public drinking is legal. A common drinking in public rule is to keep your drink in a plastic cup, and this is a much-needed rule for safety reasons. Without further ado, here are 13 places, in no particular order, where drinking in public is allowed:

Drinking in Savannah

1.     Savannah, Georgia

Despite being one of the classiest southern cities in the country, there are no open container laws at all here. The limitless elegance offered by the Historic District of Savannah only gets better with the open drinking. Locals often enjoy relaxing in Johnson Square Park with their beloved beverage of choice.
The rules are:
-       Your drink needs to be in a plastic cup
-       Your drink cannot exceed 16 ounces

**Drinking Establishment to Visit**

 Distillery Ale House - Craft Beer bar resurrected to honor the buildings former speakeasy.  Now that is a proper way to honor the drinking culture of the South!

Drinking in Huntsville

2.     Huntsville, Alabama

There are quite a few restaurants and bars within the entertainment districts of Quigley, Village of Providence, S.R. Butler Green and
 Meridian. These desinated Art and Entertainment districts allow public drinking, as long as your alcohol is in a to go cup.
The rules are:

-       Keep your drink in the to go cups
-       You can’t re-enter the bar or restaurant with your drink after you leave with your to go cup

**Drinking Establishment to Visit**

Yellowhammer Brewing - This local brewery has a comfortable and relaxing vibe in it's tap room.  Also there is plenty of seating outside on the patio which is the perfect spot to enjoy a T-Minus Tangerine Kolsch 

Drinking in Butte

3.     Butte, Montana

There are pretty lax drinking laws in the city of Butte, Montana. This city revels in its Wild West feel and open drinking is allowed any time except from 2am to 8am, giving you 18 hours of beautiful drinking freedom.

**Drinking Establishment to Visit**

Silver Dollar Saloon - Warm up next to wood burning stove with a cheap drink while listening to live music.  Always a good time said by locals and tourists alike.  

Drinking in Erie

4.     Erie, Pennsylvania

Whether it’s your favorite beer, mixed drink, wine, or any other alcoholic drink, it doesn’t matter – drink what you want when you want where you want anywhere in this city.

**Drinking Establishment to Visit**

Oasis Pub - Live music, games, and a nice big patio made for sipping cocktails make this bar worth stopping by.



Drinking in Key West

5.     Key West, Florida

Alright, so drinking alcohol in public is not technically legal in Key West (contrary to popular belief), but as long as it is in a plastic cup or a to go cup you should be good, or at worse given a verbal warning.  Just make sure not to act too rowdy or cause any trouble. Grab a drink and some tasty seafood while relaxing and enjoying a walk down Duval Street as the founders of the Conch Republic would of wanted you to!

**Drinking Establishment to Visit**

Green Parrot Bar - One block off of Duval street, right next to mile marker 0.  Enjoy good drinks and popcorn(no food served) with locals and tourists in this self proclaimed "shady" bar.  



Drinking in Kansas City

6.     Kansas City, Missouri

You’ve got 9 whole blocks of public drinking freedom within the Power and Light District. You can openly drink until 3am on every day of the week (minus Sunday).

**Drinking Establishment to Visit**

Drum Room Lounge -  When you find a bar listed on the Historic National Register, you have to stop in and have a timeless cocktail like an Old Fashion.  Many famous artists such as Frank Sinatra and Patsy Cline have played here.



Drinking in Vegas

7.     Clark County / Las Vegas, Nevada

It is only natural for Sin City to give visitors permission to parade around the city while drinking an alcoholic beverage. The rules include:
-       No glass open containers on the Las Vegas Strip
-       If you purchase an unopened drink at a store, wait to drink it until you are 1000 feet away to open it 
-       Make sure you drink further than 1000 feet from schools, hospitals, places of worship, and homeless shelters

**Drinking Establishment to Visit**

Frankie's Tiki Room - Most people go to Vegas to escape, so why not visit a bar that was built around the concept of "Escapism."  Come for the tiki decor, but stay for the extremely strong exotic rum drinks!

Drinking in New Orleans

8.     New Orleans, Louisiana

If you’ve never been to New Orleans, public drinking is all but encouraged here. As long as your drink is in a plastic cup, you can carry your drink with you as you explore the streets as much as your heart desires. One caveat to New Orleans Drinking Law is that you need to keep your drinking locations to the street – you can’t camp out in a parking lot to drink.

**Drinking Establishment to Visit**

La Fittes Blacksmith Bar - Oldest bar in America on the famous Bourbon St. makes for a destination you have to stop in and have a drink!



Drinking in Memphis

9.      Memphis, Tennessee  

Slip on your Blue Suede Shows and stroll down Beale Street with a beer in hand.  This famous street in downtown Memphis is closed off to motor traffic and is the only place in Tennessee that you can walk around with a drink.  

**Drinking Establishment to Visit**

Silkys O Sullivan’s - An exciting Irish Bar that has some killer drinks but most importantly beer drinking goats with their own tower in the back.  Yup, you read that right.



Drinking in Fredericksburg

10.     Fredericksburg, Texas

  You wouldn't think a small Texas town would allow open containers.  However seeing that Fredericksburg is the heart of Texas wine region and has heavy German influence it makes sense.   Limited to the quaint downtown area, Main Street you can shop and enjoy local wines and beer. 

**Drinking Establishment to Visit**

Fredericksburg Brewing Company - Eat and drink German style food and beer in view of all the brewing equipment at Texas oldest Brew Pub.

Drinking in Galveston

11.     Galveston, Texas 

The Strand District is a popular spot to eat, drink and shop.  Just make sure you have your drink in a plastic cup and you can enjoy it while walking around the historic district.   Also alcohol is allowed on certain portions of the beach, such as the popular East Beach.  

**Drinking Establishment to Visit**

Brews Brothers - Step right off the Strand into Craft Beer heaven.  Order beers brewed on the island while munching on a pulled pork sandwich made with local made root beer.



Drinking in Hood River

12.     Hood River, Oregon 

As if being surrounded by the absolutely breath taking scenery is not enough, there is no open container law in town.  So feel free to stop at one of the several breweries and sit and sip on the bank of the Columbia River while watching some amazing kite boarding.

**Drinking Establishment to Visit**

pFriem Family Brewers - Sure you could visit the well known Full Sail Brewery, but we are going to suggest this smaller craft brewery.  Family friendly, great tasting beers, cool building, and all of this 50 yards from the Columbia River.

Drinking in Gulfport
13. Gulfport, Mississippi

Recently a 'go cup' bill was passed in the state.  This law allows you to take to-go cups of alcohol out of bars and restaurants while checking out the the waterfront entertainment district.
-     No more than 16 ounces
-     No glass bottles.

**Drinking Establishment to Visit**

Murky Waters Blues and BBQ - Pick a brew from their craft beer selection to go with some ribs while watching live music.  Dosen't that just sound like a great time?


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