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Whiskey Flight Serving Tray - Optional Glencairn Whiskey Tasting Glasses




Whiskey Flight Tray made for and made by Whiskey Lovers

Experience your Whiskey with these beautiful and unique tasting boards.  Made from a used Whiskey or Bourbon barrel head/lid, it is the perfect way to serve and present four tasting glasses of whiskey, bourbon, scotch, cognac, mezcal, tequila, or any of your other favorite spirits.  

Since we reclaim these barrels after they have been stored in rack house(and sometimes a brewery too) for years, they have a built up a good bit of character.  This unique look and feel are carefully retained after lightly sanding and using a clear plant-based sealer.  Some of these trays will feature a portion of the distiller's Stamp which is placed on the "money end" of the barrel. 

These are made from the White Oak, which is a requirement for Bourbon Barrels.  The bottom portion of the Bourbon Tray is planed flat and will still show some of the char the cooper or barrel maker gave it.  The sides of each tray will have the dowel pins or locking wood joint that is used to connect and secure the barrel head.  They vary in size each being roughly 3.5"- 5" wide and 19" to 21" long.  The four slots for the tasting glasses are 1.87" wide which is perfect for a Glencairnin Tasting Glass.  No two are the exact same, which is the nature when dealing with reclaimed whiskey barrels.

Please note that Whiskey is not included!  However, if you got any questions on a good whiskey/bourbon be sure to ask in the notes!


Whiskey Tasting Glasses

When selecting "Glasses Included" your Flight Tray will include "4" Glencairn Crystal Whiskey Glasses. These tasting glasses were designed in Scotland by master distillers as the best way to enjoy a good whiskey. The narrow mouth of the glass encourages the "nose" of the whiskey to come through clearly, allowing you to pick out the different smells high-quality whiskey and bourbons will have. The wide bowl of the glass displays the color in an easy way judge. This is truly the whiskey enthusiast glass of choice!  This is the best way to gift this Whiskey Flight Tray for the special whiskey drinker in your life!

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Customer Reviews

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Richard Lien
What a Magnificent Product!

I ordered four wooden whisky serving platters. Made from the weighty, charred, bourbon oak barrel lids, four cut out circular holes precisely hold four Glencairn glasses. Imagine this: the color of four different whiskies can be observed side by side; the unique aroma of each can be savored, compared, and contrasted. Leaving a little whisky in each glass, a final sip of all four leaves no doubt on which one you most approve. What's not to like? Thank you, thank you, thank you for greatly enhancing the whisky tasting experience for myself and my friends! I will be ordering more wooden whisky platters!

Richard, after reading this review I am imagining what four bottles I will be doing a tasting from tonight. Maybe an all Wheated Bourbon flight? Thank you for beautifully explaining the joy of Experiencing your Whiskey!

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